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A community for anyone interested in the low-carb lifestyle who wants more information and discussion on low-carb research, veggie recipes, side dishes, and all aspects of low-carb vegetarian or pescetarian lifestyles, etc. Not an "anti-meat" community. This is as much for omnivores as it is for those avoiding or just occaisionally choosing alternatives to meat.

Lets bust the MYTH that low-carb is only about eating meat!

Need some new ideas for getting in your full allotment of healthy carbs?

Come join and begin the posting!

X-posted, of course
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i just started the south beach diet.... does anyone have any suggestions on food low carb foods for me?? i found this light n' fit carb control yogurt.. by dannon.. its raspberry n cream and i normally dont liek any sort of yogurt but its SOOOO good.. i highly recommend it
Have you actually read the book? It gives you LOTS of ideas for low-carb food that aren't full of processing chemicals like the shakes/bars/candy/etc. The yogurt isn't so bad because you actually get active cultures, but the rest of the low-carb fake-foods are just aweful for people. Good luck!